​The Alumni Interviews of BJUT: Exclusive Interview with Lu Dongming

By Alumni Association of Beijing University of Technology, conducted on October 13, 2018;

----Interview with Lu Dongming, alumnus of class 8671

Lu Dongming, majoring in Computer Science, graduated from Beijing University of Technology in 1991. He is now the General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics products in Greater China. He used to be the Product Manager of Huawei 2012 Laboratory and Huawei Device Shenzhen Co. Ltd., as well as Technical Director of SAP Global Database Solution Department, taking charge of database market strategy of SAP company. From 2006 to 2012, he was the Technical Director of Sybase Software (China) Co., Ltd.

Eight years ago, as one of the interviewees in the special issue ofPriceless Wealth published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of BJUT, he was interviewed by BJUT. A careful reading of that column gives general pictures of his previous career which showcased how an outstanding studentsteeled himself on the primary level for 12 years after his graduation and grew into a technical all-rounder and cross-profession elite who dares to think in mind and keeps his feet on the ground in technology.

Eight years later when I saw him again, Lu Dongming has become the General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics products in Greater China when interviewed again. Under his leadership, ERP and CRM products, both Microsoft’s business-oriented application, have just been released in Shanghai and will officially land in China next spring, which has extremely positive significanceto the digital transformation of Chinese businesses.

As for the arrival of new products in China, looking back on his 12-year career in China and in the United States, he referred to himself as “a complicated hybrid”. After a short time review, a career map clearly illustrates Lu Dongming’s substantial career pace and life experience so far. Up to now, although he has not departed from the thread of technology, many ideas and achievements in the fields of innovation, education, management and private life have proved that Lu Dongming, with simple values, has undoubtedly become an authentic proof of “cross-profession” talents. In retrospect, his ideas were self-evident to such transformation.

When it comes to business, Lu Dongming said that business is all about people. So whether Drucker's Management or Kotler's Marketing, they all center on users, customers and people. Concerning the ties between Drucker’s and Maslow’s theory, the general manager even made his own analysis from the perspective of relevant philosophy and phenomenology.

As an excellent business manager, Mr. Lu can constantly refine the working ideas and methods in combination with the actual work, and dignify the management strategies and ideas, which demonstrates that his executive-level strategic pattern has already divorced from the methodology and risen to a higher level.

He believes that individual values will directly affect and determine his ideals, beliefs, life goals and pursuits. Behind Lu Dongming’s successful career and rich experience were his mature ideas, persistent value and firm belief.

1. Win or lose? His viewson education matters.

Among various understandings and views on education, Mr. Lu admitted that the greatest lesson generated from his work up to now is that as a science and engineering student, his cultivation and collection of humanistic quality has become an important driving force to his success. And the “full-spectrum education” which combines liberal art and science education, his ongoing focus and advocates, has been what he gained personally for years.

Business is as competitive as battles, but the competition of talent quality is the priority. Lu Dongming has a deep awareness of this. According to years of his work experience and observation, in the field of artificial intelligence and other high-techs among the industry, apart from the cutting-edge profession, the humanistic quality of employees has become an important supporting and key element for a business to really make money and develop productivity. Even in the middle and later stages of career development, an individual’s overall quality will become the most critical internal cause of his success.

2. Right and wrong? His view on talent matters

Towards the topic of technical talents, Mr. Lu, from the perspective of a manager, singled out that it is relatively easy to become a professional and skilled talent in any industry and field in the context of modern society. But the best talent is a more compound talent with extensive talents and cross-profession mindsets as well as the innovative spirit than merely top professional technicians. Moreover, a person’s good humanistic quality and aesthetic capacity have even become absolutely important support in the middle and late stages of his career development. In his opinion, a “cross-profession person” who knows technology and market, who can tell beauty from ugliness, and has good communication capacity is the sought-after talent that his team is seeking. And more importantly, it is the most subversive definition of talent in contemporary society.

3. Superiority or inferiority? His view onpeople matters

As a senior executive of notablebrand enterprises, he advocates the people-centered management concept guided by the core value, led by the development concept and aimed at the achievement of employees while striving to strike a balance between the rules and humanity. Also, directed by the humble, simple attitude towards life and the value of visible disposition, he creates a positive, optimistic, harmonious, friendly and progressive corporate culture and atmosphere of teams. Naturally, he has also become a popular core member among teams.

He is afar physically but close in mind. After his graduation in 1991, Lu Dongming had been working for years at home and abroad though, he was not far away from his alma mater. In addition to a member of the Council of Beijing University of Technology, he also serves as a member of the Alumni Association. He frequently visits his alma mater to give advice and perform his duties. When it comes to his relationship with the Alumni Association, as alumni in North America still remembered, Lu Dongming and others spontaneously prepared the early organization for alumni liaison in the United States. At that time, he made painstaking preparations by contacting BJUT alumni in the US, visiting and connecting them online and offline. With his strong ability in organization and coordination, he provided a platform for alumni to exchange and help each other.

As for such voluntary attempts, Mr. Lu sincerely expressed what inspired him is because of his affection to alma mater. At that time, although he was abroad, his root was still in the alma mater with his affection and reminiscence lingering in his mind. This is also an important bond unifying BJUTers abroad.

Now, Lu Dongming has relocated to Shenzhen for a job promotion. When preparing the Guangdong Alumni Association of BJUT this year, he contributed his parts again to jointly work with other alumni to plan and prepare such an event. Then he again made efforts to favorably establish the Football Team of Alumni, the additional platform to gather BJUT graduates.

Among several positive and proactive engagement in the liaison with alumni at home and abroad, the single contribution fully indicates Mr. Lu’s passionate feelings toward alma mater.