Ding Zhiming

Personal profile

Name: Ding Zhiming

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail: zmding@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies:


2. Deputy Director, Social Transportation Technical Committee, IEEE Intelligent Transportation System Society (ITSS);

3. Deputy Director, Beijing Municipal Laboratory for Massive Stream Data Integration and Analysis Technology;

4. Member, Database Technical Committee, China Computer Foundation;

5. Member, Big Data Technical Committee, China Computer Foundation.

Research Areas

1. Database and Knowledge Base Systems, DBMS Kernels;

2. Big Data Management and Analysis;

3. Spatial-Temporal and Mobile Data Management;

4. Data Management for Internet of Things;


1. Special Government Allowance of the State Council, 2016;

2. Prominent Advisor of Graduate Students, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2014;

3. Excellent Educational Professionals, Beijing University of Technology, 2016;

4. Achievement Award for Beijing’s Science and Technology Advancement, Beijing Municipal Government, 2004;

5. National Silver Prize for Excellent Achievement in Science and Technology Information, China Science and Technology Committee, 1996.


1. Zhumei Wang, Xing Su, Zhiming Ding*, Long-term Traffic Prediction Based on LSTM Encoder-Decoder Architecture.IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems(TITS), Accepted, 2020.

2.Yang Cao, Zhiming Ding*,Fujie Ren,Limin Guo, Efficient Multi-vehicle Navigation Based on Trajectory Vector Features Considering Non-Uniform Destination Distribution for Emergency Evacuation.International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing(IJWMC),16(3): 195-203 (2019).

3.Yang Cao, Zhiming Ding*,Fei Xue,Xiaotao Rong, An Improved Twin Support Vector Machine Based on Multi-Objective Cuckoo Search for Software Defect Prediction.International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation(IJBIC),11(4): 282-291 (2018).

4. Zhiming Ding*,Yang Cao,Yuanying Chi,Xuyang Li,Rui Yao,Limin Guo, An Effective Emergency Logistics Scheduling Model Based on Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms.ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Safety and Resilience(EM-GIS@SIGSPATIAL)2018: 10:1-10:6.

5. Zhiming Ding, Bin Yang, Yuanying Chi, and Limin Guo. “A Parallel Spatio-Temporal Database Mechanism for Managing Large Volumes of Network-constrained Moving Objects”,IEEE Transactions on Computers (TOC),65(5):1377-1391 (2016).

6. Zhiming Ding, Bin Yang, Ralf Hartmut Güting, and Yaguang Li. “Network-Matched Trajectory-Based Moving-Object Database: Models and Applications”,IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (T.ITS), 16(4), 2015.

7. Zhiming Ding, Zhikui Chen, Qi Yang. “IoT-SVKSearch: A Real-Time Multimodal Search Engine Mechanism for the Internet of Things”.International Journal of Communication Systems.Special Issue on Big Data.

8. Zhiming Ding, Jiajie Xu, Qi Yang. “SeaCloudDM: A Database Cluster Framework for Managing and Querying Massive Sensor Sampling Data”,The Journal of Supercomputing, DOI: 10.1007/s11227-012-0762-1. 2013, Vol 66(3), Springer Verlag.

Personal Statement

Zhiming Ding is a professor and Ph.D. advisor of the College of Computer Science, Faculty of Information Technology, Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). His main research interests include database systems, mobile and spatial-temporal data management, big data management and analysis. He owns eight invention patents, and has published three books and around 120 papers in academic journals and conferences. Zhiming Ding got his Bachelor’s degree from Wuhan University in 1989, got his Master’s Degree from BJUT in 1996 and Ph.D. degrees from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2002. Before joining BJUT in 2014, he worked with FernUniversitaet in Hagen, Germany (2002~2004, as a staff member) and Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2004~2014, as professor).