Dou Huijing

Personal profile

Name:Dou Huijing



Title:Associate Professor

Current Professional Societies

1. Member of China Education Society of Electronics (CESE) Higher Education Academy Council;

2. Senior member of Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE)

Research Areas

1. digital signal processing;

2. array signal processing;

3. speech signal processing.


1. The first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Jilin Province;

2. Outstanding Talents of Beijing


1. DOU Huijing,SUN Lu,XIE Jinxin, Improved PM in Two-dimensional DOA Estimation Based on Array Expansion, Journal of Beijing University of Technology, 2019,45(9):831-837.

2. Huijing Dou, Xiao Liang, Wenqian Zhang, Research on DOA Estimation Method Based on RM-FOCUSS Improved Algorithms, ICICSP 2019,Weihai,China,September 28-30,2019: 92-96.

3. DOU Huijing, WANG Qianlong, ZHANG Xue, A Joint Estimation Algorithm of TDOA Based on Wavelet Threshold De-noising and Conjugate Fuaay Function, Journal of Electronics and Information Technology, 2016, 38(5):1123-1128.

4. DOU Hui-jing, GUO Cai-huan, ZHANG Shao-fei, ZHANG Xue, Study on Misorientation Calibration of Polarization Sensitive Arrays, Journal of Jilin University (Engineering and Technology Edition), 2016,46(6):2087-2093.

5. Huijing Dou, Qian Lei, Wenxue Li, Qingqing Xing, A New TDOA Estimation Method in Three-satellite Interference Localisation, International Journal of Electronics, 2015,102(5):839-854

Personal Statement

Dou Huijing, Associate Professor and Supervisor for The Graduate Students, is a reviewer of journals and international conferences. Her research interests lie in the digital signal processing, array signal processing and speech signal processing and so on. Specific interests include the applications of the higher-order statistic to signals processing, target tracking and locating, and the theory of communication.

Until now, she has investigated or co-investigated more than 10 sponsored research projects, including National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program) projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, Beijing Natural Science Foundation projects, etc. She has published more than 70 technical papers.