Gao Huihui


Personal profile

Name: Gao Huihui

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Lecturer


Current Professional Societies

1. Member of Chinese Association of Automation;

2. Member of Beijing Association of Automation

Research Areas

1. Process monitoring and fault diagnosis for complex process;

2. Alarm management and root-cause analysis for complex process;

3. Machine learning and deep learning theory.


1. Young Talent Lifting Project from Beijing Association for Science and Technology, 2020-2022;


2. Outstanding Teacher of Annual Assessment of BJUT, 2019;


3. Outstanding Teacher of Annual Assessment of BJUT, 2018.


1. Gao Huihui; Gajjar Shriram; Kulahci Murat; Zhu Qunxiong; Palazoglu Ahmet; Process knowledge discovery using sparse principal component analysis, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2016, 55(46): 12046-12059.


2. Gao Huihui; Xu Yuan; Zhu Qunxiong; Spatial interpretive structural model identification and AHP-based multimodule fusion for alarm root-cause diagnosis in chemical processes, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2016, 55(12): 3641-3658


3. Zhang Haili; Wang Pu; Gao Xuejin; Qi Yongsheng; Gao Huihui; Amplitudefrequency imagesbased ConvNet: Applications of fault detection and diagnosis in chemical processes, Journal of Chemometrics,, 2019.


4. Meng Qianqian; Zhu Qunxiong; Gao Huihui; He Yanlin; Xu Yuan; A novel scoring function based on family transfer entropy for Bayesian networks learning and its application to industrial alarm systems, Journal of Process Control, 2019, 76: 122-132.

 Personal Statement

Gao Huihui, Lecturer and Master Student Supervisor, is a teacher of Faculty of Information Technology of BJUT. She has been engaged in teaching for almost 3 years. She has presided one National Natural Science Foundation project and three postdoctoral foundation projects. She has published more than 20 papers on domestic and international major journals and important conferences.