Liu Jing


Personal profile

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Lecturer


Current Professional Societies:

  1. IEEE member;

  2. Member of the Chinese Computer Society


Research Areas:

  1. Network security;

  2. Trusted computing;

  3. Software-defined network security;

  4. Industrial Internet security


  1. Awarded Excellent Young Lecturer by Beijing University of Technology;

  2. The first prize of Beijing Education And Teaching Achievements in 2018;

  3. Selected for the Young Talent Program of Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2013.


Liu J, Yuan C, Lai Y, et al. Protection of Sensitive Data in Industrial Internet Based on Three-Layer Local/Fog/Cloud Storage[J]. Security and Communication Networks, 2020, 2020.

Liu J, Lai Y, Diao Z, et al. A trusted access method in software-defined network[J]. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 2017, 74: 28-45.

Liu J, Lai Y, Zhang S. FL-GUARD: A detection and defense system for DDoS attack in SDN[C]//Proceedings of the 2017 international conference on cryptography, security and privacy. 2017: 107-111.

Lai Y, Gao H, Liu J. Vulnerability Mining Method for the Modbus TCP Using an Anti-Sample Fuzzer[J]. Sensors, 2020, 20(7): 2040.

Chu A, Lai Y, Liu J. Industrial Control Intrusion Detection Approach Based on Multiclassification GoogLeNet-LSTM Model[J]. Security and Communication Networks, 2019, 2019.



Personal Statement

Dr. Liu Jing was born in December 1978, is Ph.D., Master Student Supervisor. She has been teaching at the School of Computer Science and Technology, Beijing University of Technology since July 2002, and engaged in scientific research in Network Security and Trusted Computing.  She hosted and participated in 30 national and provincial scientific research projects, applied for and authorized 11 national invention patents, 22 software copyrights, and more than 20 domestic and foreign journals and conference papers.

She has taught professional courses of network security, such as network protocol analysis, comprehensive network security course design and security protocol curriculum. She won the National Second Prize in guiding the National University Student Information Security Competition from 2015 to 2017; won the first-class provincial and ministerial level award of Network Technology Competition in 2015; and was awarded Outstanding Instructor of the 360 contest in 2014. She also held CISSP, CCIE-SECURITY, CISP-PTE, TRIZ certificates.

Projects Undertaken

Research project funded by the Chinese Computer Society, intrusion detection research for industrial control systems, 2017.10-2018.10, presided over.

Talent team building project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, "Young Talent Program" of Higher Education Institutions in Beijing, 2013.10-2016.10, presided over.

Enterprise and business liaison project, software of security protection system under software-defined industrial Internet architecture, 2018.9-2020.9, presided over.

Enterprise and business liaison project, industrial control intrusion detection system software, 2016.4-2018.12, presided over.

The Industrial Internet Innovation Development Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a typical application and promotion project of security technology for the electronics industry, 2018.1-2020.12, task leader.

Qinghai Provincial Natural Science Foundation, key technology research on the trusted sensing node of the intelligent animal husbandry monitoring network in the alpine region of Qinghai Province, 2018.6-2019.12, task leader.

National Natural Science Foundation of China, research on active collaborative defense technology based on credible industrial control systems, 2018.11-2019.12, sub-task leader.

University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project between Ministry of Education and Hetian Zhihui Industry, 2018.4-2019.4, presided over.