Liu Zhaoying


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Personal profile

Name : Liu Zhaoying

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Lecturer


Current Professional Societies

  1. Member of China Computer Federation;

  2. Member of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

 Research Areas

  1. Maritime Target Detection and Recognition;

  2. Feature Extraction and Selection;

  3. Deep Learning theory and application


  1. First prize for young teacher’s teaching skills competition of Faculty of Information Technology, 2019

  2. Outstanding Head Teacher of Beijing University of Technology, 2018


[1]Zhaoying Liu, Xiangzhi Bai,, Multi-modal ship target image smoothing based on adaptive mean shift, in IEEE Access, 2018, vol. 6, pp. 12573-12586  

[2] Zhaoying Liu, Xiangzhi Bai,, Infrared ship target segmentation through integration of multiple feature maps. Image and Vision Computing, 2016, 48-49: 14-25

[3] Zhaoying Liu, Fugen Zhou,, Iterative infrared ship targets segmentation based on multiple features. Pattern Recognition, 2014, 47(9): 2839-2852  

[4] Zhaoying Liu, Fugen Zhou, Xiangzhi Bai, Xiyu Yu, Automatic detection of ship target and motion direction in visual images. International Journal of Electronics [J], 2013, 100(1): 94-111.

[5] Zhaoying Liu, Tianpeng Jiang, Ting Zhang*, Yujian LiIR ship target saliency detection based on lightweight non-local depth features [C], (EITCE 2019) , 2019, Xiamen, China

Personal Statement

Liu Zhaoying, lecturer and master student supervisor, is a teacher of Faculty of Information Technology of Beijing University of Technology. She has presided over one project from the Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation and another one from the Beijing Municipal Postdoctoral Science Foundation. She is currently presiding one National Natural Science Foundation of China.  She has published 5 SCI papers on international major journals, and participated in writing 2 books.