Tang Jian

Personal profile

Name:Tang Jian





Current Professional Societies

1. Member of Environmental Awareness and Protection Automation Committee of China Automation Society;

2. Member of Energy Internet Committee of China Automation Society.

Research Areas

1. Small sample data modeling;

2. Intelligent control of municipal solid waste treatment process


Outstanding doctoral thesis of Liaoning Province in 2012


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2. Jian Tang, Jun-Fei Qiao, Zhuo Liu, Xiao-Jie Zhou, Gang Yu, Jian-Jun Zhao, Mechanism Characteristic Analysis And Soft Measuring Method Review For Ball Mill Load Based On Mechanical Vibration And Acoustic Signals In The Grinding Process, Minerals Engineering, 128 (2018) 294-311.

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Personal Statement

Tang Jian, professor and doctoral supervisor in Faculty of Information and Technology, BJUT. He has presided one National Science and Technology Key R & D Plan and one Project from the National Natural Science Foundation of China . He has published more than twenty SCI papers in international major journals and two academic books.