Song Jianguo


Personal profile

Name: Song Jianguo



Title:Associate Professor


Research Areas

1. Development of electric system equipment for electric vehicle.

2. Control strategy of AC motor.

3. High-power switching power supply.

4. Modeling and simulation of electromagnetic field.



Published more than ten academic papers in Chinese and foreign journals.

Personal Statement

2000.9-2003.9: He studied for his Ph.D. Degree in the Department of Automatic Control, School of Information Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology.

Research direction: complex system modeling, simulation and control.

2003.9-2006.1: He worked as a post doctor in the State Key Laboratory of Safety and Energy Conservation, Department Of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University, engaged in the fuel cell bus project of the National 10th Five-Year Plan and 863 Program.

2006.3~present: joined Electrical and Electronic Center of Electric Control College of Beijing University of Technology.