Su Huang

Personal profile

NameSu Hang




Current Professional Societies

Member of China Computer Society

Research Areas

  1. Software automation;

  2. Program Analysis and Transformation;

  3. XML Data Processing and Transformation


  1. Hang Su, Husheng Liao, "XQPE: A Partial Evaluation System for XQuery," 2008 32nd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference, Turku, 2008, pp. 347-354.

  2. Hang Su, Husheng Liao, Run-time Specialization for XQuery Program, Journal of Computational Information System, 2012, 8(16):6805-6816.

  3. Yu Zhang, Xi Deng, Jun Yan, Hang Su and Hongyu Gao, "Testing the Message Flow of Android Auto Apps," 2019 IEEE 26th International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering (SANER), Hangzhou, China, 2019, pp. 559-563.

Personal Statement

Su Hang, Lecturer and Master Student Supervisor, is the Deputy Director of Department of Computer Software and Theory in the Faculty of Information Technology in Beijing University of Technology. He has been engaged in teaching for 10 years, and has been teaching courses such as “Data Structure and Algorithm”, “Web Programming”, and “Object-Oriented Programming”, etc. He has presided over one National Natural Science Foundation of China projects (Youth Fund). He has published more than twenty papers in the area of Computer Science on international journals or conferences.