Sun Yang

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Name:Sun Yang



Title:Assistant Professor

Current Professional Societies

Research Areas

1. Heterogeneous wireless network;

2. Multi-access mobile edge computing;

3. Intelligent resource management.



[1] Yang Sun, Tingting Wei, Huixin Li, Yanhua Zhang, Wenjun Wu*. Energy-Efficient Multimedia Task Assignment and Computing Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing Networks, IEEE Access, 2020, 8: 36702-36713.

[2] Yang Sun*, Yongyu Chang. Energy-efficient User Association and Cell Sleeping Strategy for Multitier Ultra-dense Small Cell Networks [J]. Electronics Letters, 2018, 54(12): 787-789.

[3] Yang Sun*, Yongyu Chang, Mengshi Hu, et al. A Universal Predictive Mobility Management Scheme for Urban Ultra-Dense Networks With Control/Data Plane Separation [J]. IEEE Access, 2017, 5: 6015–6026.

[4] Yang Sun*, Yongyu Chang, Xianling Wang, et al. User Satisfaction-Aware Sub-Channel Assignment in Ultra-Dense Networks with Max-Min Fairness [C]. In 2017 IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps), Dec 2017: 1–7.

[5] Yang Sun*, Yongyu Chang, Sida Song, et al. An energy-efficiency aware sleeping strategy for dense multi-tier HetNets [C]. In 2014 IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps), Dec 2014: 1180–1185.

Personal statement

Sun Yang, a female Ph.D. born in 1988, presently is an assistant professor and a master’s degree supervisor of the Faculty of Information Technology, Beijing University of Technology. She has presided over one project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and two postdoctoral research projects. She has published 14 papers in international major journals and conferences. Her current research focuses on the heterogeneous wireless network, multi-access mobile edge computing, and intelligent resource management.