Xiao Chuangbai

Personal profile

Name:Xiao Chuangbai





Current Professional Societies

1. Outstanding member of China Computer Society;

2. Senior member of China Electronics Society;

3. Senior member of Chinese graphic and image Society.

Research Areas

1. The theory ofdigital image Processing,digital signal processing,and theirsapplications;

2. Patternrecognition and artificial intelligence;

3. Computernetwork andcommunication technology.


1. Young and Middle-aged Outstanding Teachers in Beijing;

2. 9th, 10th and 11th Directors of China Computer Federation.


1. Yongping Xing, Chuangbai Xiao, Yifei Wu, Ziming Ding. A Convolutional Neural Network for Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification, International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence,2019,33(14):1959046.

2. Meng Wang, Zhenhu Ning, Tong Li, Chuangbai Xiao. Information Geometry Enhanced Fuzzy Deep Belief Networks For Sentiment Classification, International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics,2019,10(11):3031-3042.

3. Ting Sun, Chuangbai Xiao, Xiujie Xu. A Scheduling Algorithm Using Sub-deadline For Workflow Applications Under Budget and Deadline Constrained, Cluster Computing, 2019,22:5987-5996.

4. Jing Yu, Zhenchun Chang, Chuangbai Xiao. Blur Kernel Estimation Using Sparse Representation and Cross-scale Self-similarity, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2019,78(13):18549-18570.

5. Meng Wang,Chuangbai Xiao,Ning Zhenhu,Tong Li,Bei Gong. Neural Networks for Compressed Sensing Based on Information Geometry, Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing,2019,38(2):569-589.

6. Bin Zhao,Chuangbai Xiao,Yu Zhang,Peng Zhai,Zhi Wang. Assessment of Recommendation Trust for Access Control in Open Networks, Cluster Computing,2019,22:565-571.

Personal Statement

Xiao Chuangbai, professor and doctoral supervisor, is the Professor of Computer Application Technology, Beijing University of Technology. He has been engaged in teaching for 28 years. He has presided over more than 50 national, provincial, ministerial and enterprise projects, published more than 210 academic papers, authorized 27 invention patents, obtained 61 software copyrights, and co-edited 3 monographs and translations.He won the Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award and the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Information Industry. More than 200 Master students and 11 doctoral students he has supervised have graduated honorably.