Yu Naigong

Personal profile



Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies:

1. Council Member of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence;

2. Member of Education Committee of Chinese Association of Automation;

3. Secretary General of the Science Popularization Committee of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence;

4. Council Member of Beijing Artificial Intelligence Association

Research Areas:

1. Robotics;

2. Computational intelligence and intelligent systems;

3. Machine vision;

4. Intelligent manufacturing information system


1. The First Prize of Excellent Exhibits in Chinese University Exhibition Area of China International Industry Exposition in 2010;

2. Third Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award in 2006;

3. Star of Science and Technology of Graduate Students of Beijing University of Technology in 2004;

4. Model of Weifang Labor Competition in 2000;

5. Outstanding Youth in Weifang in 2000


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