Yu Jianjun

Personal profile






Title:Associate Professor



Current Professional Societies:

1、Member of Beijing Association of Automation;

2、Member of Beijing Association for Artificial Intelligence


Research Areas:

1、Control Scienceand Engineering

2、Artificial Intelligence

3、Intelligent Robotics


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2、Yu Jianjun, Yao Hongke,Zuo Guoyu,Ruan Xiaogang,An Shuo, Research on robot imitation learning method based on dynamical system, CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems, Vol.14 No.5, pp.1026-1034, 2019.

3、Gong Daoxiong, He Rui, Yu Jianjun, Zuo Guoyu, A human-like motion control method for robotic joint actuated by antagonistic pneumatic muscles, Robot, 41(6), pp.803-812, 2019

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5、Yu Jianjun, Wu Pengshen, Zuo Guoyu, Ruan Xiaogang, Zhang Yuan, Robot Arm Task Imitation System Based on RNN, Journal of Beijing University of Technology, Vol.44 No.11, pp.1401-1408, 2018.

6、Daoxiong Gong, Rui He, Jianjun Yu and Guoyu Zuo,A Pneumatic Tactile Sensor for Co-Operative Robots, Sensors, doi:10.3390/s17112592,2017

7、Yu Jianjun, Sun Liang,Guide and Solutions for the Principle of Automatic Control BJUT Press, 2007.

Personal Statement

Jianjun Yu is an associate professor with the Faculty of Information Technology, Beijing University of Technology, as well as the Beijing Key Lab of the Computational Intelligence and Intelligent System. She received her M.S degree in Control Science and Engineering from Beijing University Technology in 2004. She is the head of teachers of automation related courses and teaches the Principle of Automatic Control for undergraduate. Her research is focused on the control of complex systems, the motion mapping of humanoid robot,and robot imitation learning. She has published more than 30 papers in academic journals and international conferences. As an adviser, she has supervised nearly 20 graduate students.