Yang Xinwu

Personal profile

Name:Yang Xinwu

Gender: Male


Title:Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

Member of China Computer Federation

Research Areas

1. Machine Learning;

2. Artificial Intelligence;

3. IntelligentMedicine;

4. EvolutionaryComputation;

5. Multi-objectiveOptimization


1. Yang Xinwu,WangQiaohui, Xue Huibin,Xu Xiaoyan.A Coordinated Signal Control Method for Arterial Road of Adjacent Intersections Based on the Improved Genetic Algorithm.OPTIK - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics,2016(127)6625–6640(WOS:000377734100048)

2. Yang Xinwu and Yang Lijun. An improved Genetic Algorithm based on Crossover Model. Control and Decision. 2016,31(10):1837- 1844. (In Chinese)

3. Yang Xinwu, Ma zhuang and Yuan Shun. Multi-classAdaboost Algorithm Base on theAdjustedWeakClassifier. Journal ofElectronics & Information Technology,2016, 38 (2): 373-380. (In Chinese)

Personal Statement

Yang Xinwu,Associate Professor and Master Student Supervisor. He has been engaged in teaching since 2003 in Beijing University of Technology. He has participated in two National Natural Fund projects and presided over three research projects commissioned by enterprise. He has published more than twenty papers in academic journals and international conferences, and obtained 14 national invention patents and 4 software copyrights.