Yang Cuili

Personal profile

Name:Yang Cuili


Degrees: Doctor

Title: Associate professor

E-mail: clyang5@bjut.edu.cn

Research Areas:

Modeling and optimization of nonlinear systems


[01]Yang Cuili, Qiao Junfei, Ahmad Zaha, Nie Kaizhe, Wang Lei, Online sequential echo state network with sparse RLS algorithm for time series prediction,Neural Networks, 2019, 118: 32-42.(SCI, EI, IF=5.785)

[02]Yang Cuili, Qiao Junfei, Wang Lei, Zhu Xinxin, Dynamical regularized echo state network for time series prediction,Neural Computing and Applications, 2019, 31:6781-6794.(SCI, EI, IF=4.664)

[03]Yang Cuili, Qiao Junfei, Han Honggui, Wang Lei, Design of polynomial echo state networks for time series prediction,Neurocomputing, 2018, 290: 148-160. (SCI, EI, IF=4.072)

[04]Yang Cuili, Zhu Xinxin, Ahmad Zaha, Wang Lei, Qiao Junfei, Design of incremental echo state network using leave-one-out cross-validation,IEEE Access, 2018, 6: 74874-74884.(SCI, EI, IF=4.098)

[05]Yang Cuili, Wallace K. S. Tang, Design and topological analysis of complex networks with optimal controllability,International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 2014, 24(7): 1450103. (SCI, EI, IF=1.501)

Personal Statement:

Cuili Yang, associate professor, is working in Faculty of Information Technology, Beijing University of technology since 2015 .