Diao Liu

Personal profile

Name: Diao Liu

Gender: Female

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: diaoliu@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Society:

1.Chinese Society for Studying Japanese Philosophies standing director

Research Area:

1.Japanese Thought and Culture


1. Excellent Teacher, Beijing University of Technology;

2. Japanese Academic Evaluation;

3. Translation


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2. Editor-in-Chief: Japanese philosophy and thought 2016. Social Sciences Academic Press(China), October, 2018.

3. Challenges of e-finance. The Commercial Press, July,2000.

4. "Introduction to painting letter". Guangxi Arts Publishing House, December, 2000.

5. Gadamer's fusion of vision: adventurers of modern thought. Hebei Education Press, January, 2002.

6. Public Philosophy Volume 10: the prospect of Public Philosophy in the 21st century. People's Publishing House, June,2009.

7. Decentralization reform in Japan. Social Sciences Academic Press(China), March,2013.

8. China's Thinking World. SDX Joint Publishing Company, April,2014.

9. Whitestone in Xinjing and its Catholic View. Japanese Studies, Issue 5, 2000.

10. Mikikiyosi and its Philosophy. Japanese Studies, Issue 1, 2004.

11. Current Development and Problems of Japanese Think Tanks. Social Sciences Abroad, Issue 3, 2013.

12. A study on Japanese- Chinese Translation of Unmarked Ppassive Sentences. Journal of Xi'an International Studies UniversityIssue 2, 2005.

13. Japanese academic evaluation system.Social Sciences Abroad, Issue23, 2017.

Personal Statement:

Diao Liu is born in Lingshan County, Guangxi in December 1973. She received a bachelor of arts degree from Shandong University, a master’s degree in Beijing Foreign Studies University, and a doctor’s degree at the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She has studied and visited abroad at Keio University and Tokyo University in Japan. She has published nearly 10 monographs and translations as well as many academic papers, and took charge of 3 research projects at the municipal level and above in Beijing.