Guan Shaohua


Personal profile

Name: Guan Shaohua

Gender: Female

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies

Director of the Reform and Development Planning Professional Committee of the China Education Development Strategy Society.

Research Areas

1. Curriculum Theory

2. Discipline Construction


1. Excellent Lecturer, 2014

2. Excellent Lecturer, 2018

3. Nomination Award of My Favorite Lecturer of the "Lecturer Model" Selection

4. First Prize of Teaching Achievement in BJUT 2015


1. Guan Shaohua, Xu Shuo, An Empirical Study on The Leadership Behavior Structure of University Discipline Leaderers, Jiangsu Higher Education 11(2020), 55-58.

2. Guan Shaohua, Shi Wanyu, An Analysis of the Reasons, Advantages and Disadvantages of Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Entrance Examination of Students in Independent College, Educational Theory and Practice 6(2019) , 9-11.

3. Guan Shaohua, Li Yue, Li Qifeng, Reflections on Faculty System Reform in Local High-level Universities, University Education Management, 1(2018),13-19.

Personal statement

Guan Shaohua, born in 1966, is a researcher with a doctor of management degree. She mainly offers courses like University Curriculum and Teaching Theory and Curriculum and Teaching Theory. In recent years, she has published more than 30 papers and 1 monograph and participated in the writing of 3 monographs. Guan also has been presiding over more than 10 research projects and two of them win awards.