Li Alin

Personal profile

Name: Li Alin

Gender: Female

Degree: Associate Professor

Title: Ph.D.


Research Areas:

1. Urban Sociology

2. Community Research

3. Space and society


1. Shen Yuan, Li Alin, 2019, Community building in old urban neighbourhoods,International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition);

2. Li Alin, 2014, Urbanization in Place: Rural Development under Strong Government and Weak Industry,International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition);

3. Li Alin, 2020(01), Public Space Without Public: State and Individual in Courtyard Space in Dashilar, Beijing,Chinese Journal of Sociology;

4.Li Alin, Pang Xuefei, 2019(03), The spatial turn of the relations between the neighbours in old blocks: the Dashilar, Beijing,International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition);

5. Li Alin, 2019(03), The actions in space: the spaces in the courtyards and adjustments to the social relations in the Dashilar area,International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition);

6. Li Alin, 2018(05), Practices and Reflections on Residents' Participation in Heritage Conservation: A Case Study of Courtyard Reorganization in Dashilar, Beijing,Heritage Architecture;

7. Li Alin, 2014(08), The Impact of Urban System Order Restructuring upon Spatial Planning,Urban Development Studies.

Personal Statement:

Li Alin, Doctor of Urban and Rural Planning, Tsinghua University,is anAssociate Professor of the Department of Sociologyin the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences of BJUT.

Her research topics:

1.State Power and Space Structure: A Comparative Study of Two Towns in Hebei;

2.Research on Urban Renewal Mechanism Driven by Community Construction: Taking Beijing Dashilar as an Example.

Courses She Taught:

Urban Sociology, Community Research, Space and Society.

Students majoring in Urban Sociology and Community Research are welcome to apply!