Li Chenyu

Personal profile

Name: Li Chenyu

Gender: Male

Degrees: Post-Doctor



Current Professional Societies:

1. Member ofBeijing Social Management Research Base;

2. Subject Planning Expert of Hunan University of Finance and Economics (Network and New Media).

Research Areas:

1. Media Sociology

2. Public Welfare Communication and Social Marketing

3. Traffic Information Communication

4. Marketing Communication


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Personal Statement:

Li Chenyu, born in Shenyang city, LiaoningProvince in 1985, is now a lecturer at the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of BJUT, and a postdoctoral researcher at the postdoctoral research station of transportation engineering at Beijing University of Technology. He has published over 30 academic papers, 1 monograph, edited 1 textbook, and co-edited 3 textbooks of relevant fields, 1 translation work and 2 almanacs.


Bachelor’s Degree: 2004.9-2008.7 School of Journalism and Communication, Northwest University, Journalism;

Master’s Degree: 2008.9-2011.7, Guangming School of Journalism and Communication, Journalism;

Ph.D.: 2011.9-2014.7, School of Advertising, Communication University of China, Advertising.


1. National Social Science Fund Project Youth ProjectStudy on the Communication Model of Urban Transportation Information in China, 2017-2020;

2. Beijing Social Science Fund Research Base ProjectResearch on the Construction of Beijing Public Welfare Communication System, 2015-2018;

3. Beijing University Young Teachers Social Research ProjectInvestigation on the Development Status of Outdoor Public Service Advertising in Beijing, 2015;

4. Beijing University of Technology Humanities and Social Sciences Fund ProjectResearch on the Social Action Effect of Chinese TV Public Welfare Communication, 2015-2017;

5. Beijing University of Technology Educational Teaching Research ProjectResearch on the Construction of Advertising Courses Based on New Media Ecological Environment, 2015-2017;

6. Beijing University of Technology General Education Core Curriculum Construction ProjectNew Media Marketing, 2017-2019;

7. Entrusted projects User Survey of the Application Peiwo, 2018-2019.


1. Postgraduate: Special Research on Internet Communication;

2. Undergraduate: Data Analysis Technology and SPSS Software Application, Introduction to Sociology;

3. General Education Elective: Modern Media Literacy, New Media Marketing, Advertising Appreciation.

Preferred Graduate Recruiting Direction: Sociology, Applied Sociology.

Welcome undergraduate students from Sociology (0303), Journalism and Communication (0503), statistics (0712), economy (0201), Business Administration (1202), Transportation (0818) and Public Administration (1204).