Li Hao

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Personal profile

Name:Li Hao




Current Professional Societies

1. Standing board member of Beijing Obligation Law Research Institute;

2. Arbitrator of Tianjin Arbitration Commission

Research Areas

1. Civil Law (Property Law);

2. Business Law(Company Law, Securities Law);


1. Outstanding New Young Teacher of the College, 2012;


  1. Li Hao, A Research on the Arrangement for the Lost and Found, Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2012.

  2. Ma Te, Lihao, Introduction to the Anglo-American Contract Law, University of International Business and Economics Press, 2009.

Personal statement

Lihao, a Ph.D. and graduate supervisor, is a member of the civil and commercial law teacher team of the Law Department of Beijing University of Technology. He has been engaged in teaching for 9 years and in legal practice as a licensed lawyer. He has participated in and presided over several social academic projects on property law and entertainment law. He has published academic books -A Research on the arrangement of Lost and FoundandIntroduction to the Anglo-American Law.