Lin Li

Personal profile

Name:Lin Li

Gender: Female



Current Professional Societies

1. Researcher of Henan Hejun Clearing Service Research Institute, China;

2. Legal Counsel of Beijing Wanshang Tianqin Law Firm.

Research Areas

1. Bankruptcy Law;

2. Corporate Investment and Financing;

3. Property Rights and Security.


1. Second Prize of General Funding of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2019;

2. Third Prize of Yu Heng Commercial Law Paper, 2016;

3. Excellent Paper Award of Hubei Economic Law Society, 2013.


1. Lin Li, Establishment of the Control Right of Creditors in Corporate Governance during the Period of Reorganization, Business Research, 2016(10):178-186.

2. Lin Li, The Governance Structure Construction of "Company type" Fund in China——Based on the Comparing with the Structure of "Contract Type" Fund, Research on Economic Law, 2018(8).

3.Lin Liand Zonglong Li, Research on Tax Overdue Fine in Bankruptcy Proceedings, Northern Essays, 2018(2): 148-152

4.Lin Li and Zonglong Li, On the Priority of Settlement for the Competition of Security Interests, Lanzhou Academic Journal, 2019(2):54-64.

5. Lin Li and Zonglong Li, The Issue of Bankruptcy Revocation of Security Rights in the Acquisition and Disposal of Non-performing Assets, Modern Management Science, 2018(10):73-75.

Personal statement

Lin Li is a doctor of law and a postdoctoral fellow. She is now a lecturer of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Beijing University of Technology, and supervisor of graduate students. Her main research focuses on financial law and bankruptcy law. She presided over one provincial and ministerial level project, one project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, one project of BJUT Humanities and Social Science Fund, two projects commissioned by enterprises and institutions and participated in more than ten other projects. She published more than ten papers in core journals such asC Journal and Nuclear Articles of Peking University.She is also a researcher of Henan Hejun Liquidation Service Research Institute and legal consultant of Beijing Wanshang Tianqin Law Firm.