Zhao Yi

Personal profile

Name: Zhao Yi

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: zhaoyi@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

1. Director of Language, Literature and Scientific Research Committee of Chinese Society of Science and Technology History;

2. Member of China Pragmatics Association;

3. Member of International Pragmatics Association.

Research Areas

1. Pragmatics;

2. Business English;

3. Foreign language education.


1. 2nd Prize & Academic Innovation Award, Teacher’s Teaching Innovation Competition, BJUT, 2021;

2. Outstanding Teacher Award of Beijing University of Technology;

3. 3rd Prize of Educational Papers at the 11th Beijing Young Teachers’ Basic Skills Competition, 2020;

4. My Favorite Teacher Entitled “Setting a Good Example for Moral Education” at BJUT;

5. Outstanding Young Lecturer at BJUT;

6. Special Prize of Young Teachers’ Basic Skills Competition at BJUT;

7. Second Prize of Beijing University of Technology Education and Teaching Achievements;

8. Beijing Excellent Talents Training Project.


1. Zhao, Y., Xiang, M.Y., 2021, The status quo and future directions of business English as a lingua franca,Journal of Sichuan International Studies University. (PKU)

2. Zhao, Y., Xiang, M.Y., 2018, Emerging trends in Relevance Theory research,Modern Foreign Languages, 167(1): 130-140. (CSSCI)

3. Zhao, Y., Xiang, M.Y., 2018, An action research on the application of CLIL in college English instruction,Foreign Language Education in China, 11(2):26-33. (CSSCI)

4. Zhao, Y., An, Y., 2019, A socio-cognitive approach to interlanguage pragmatic competence,Journal of Huzhou University, 41(9): 69-75.

5. Zhao, Y., Xiang, M.Y., The Impact of Business Expertise on the Pragmatic Adaptability in BELF E-mail Communication, 2019, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: 16th IPrA. (International conference)

6. Zhao Y., An Interlanguage Pragmatic Perspective on Pronominal Choice in Chinese University Students’ Writings: A Corpus-based Study, 2016, Beihang University: 3rd APCLC. (International conference)

7. Zhao, Y. A Socio-cognitive Approach to Interlanguage Pragmatic Competence, 2016, Beihang University: 16th CIFCL. (International conference)

Personal statement

Zhao Yi, an associate professor and faculty advisor for master students, has published more than 10 papers internationally. Her academic research interests are mainly pragmatics, business English, and foreign language education. She is in charge of 3 provincial and municipal projects, 5 school-level projects, and participated in more than 10 provincial and national projects. In view of her dedication and contribution in English teaching and researching for almost 15 years, she was granted the "Outstanding Teacher Award" in BJUT.