Zhao Weihua

Personal profile

Name: Zhao Weihua

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

TEL: 010-67396073

E-mail: tongni4@163.com

Current Professional Societies:

1. Director of Beijing Survey and Data Center

Research Areas:

1. Social Structure

2. Consumer Sociology

3. Population and Employment


1. Excellent Achievements of National Social Science Fund

2. First Prize of Excellent Scientific Research Achievement of Ministry of Education

3. Second Prize of Excellent Scientific Research Achievement of Ministry of Education

4. First Prize of Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Achievements


1. Status and Health: Farmers’ Health Risks, Medical Security and Access to Medical Services (Monograph), Social Sciences Press, 2012.

2. Status and Consumption——A Study of the Consumption Status of Various Classes of Chinese Society (Monograph), Social Sciences Press, 2007.

3. An Analysis of Consumption Pattern of the New Generation of Migrant Workers [J]. Social Sciences of Beijing, 2015(03):39-46.

4. Analysis of Influencing Factors of Household Water Consumption in Beijing, Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment, 2015(04).

5. The Stages of People's Livelihood Development in China: An Analysis According to the Relationship Changes Between Private and Collective Consumption [J]. Journal of Beijing Union University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 2014,12(02):98-104.

6. Analysis of Influencing Factors of College Income Distribution——Based on Survey Data of 18 Universities in Beijing [J]. Fudan Education Forum, 2013,11(02):61-67+85.

7. Migrant Workers' Occupational Disease Dilemma and Cause Analysis, Journal of the Party School of the Central Committee of the C.P.C.(Chinese Academy of Governance), 2012 (06).

8. New Trend of social Class Mobility in China, People's Forum, 2011(10).

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16. The Social Structure Meaning of Consumption——Consumption Thoughts of Early Sociologists [J]. Academic Journal Graduate School Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2004(01):72-76+141. Full text reprinted by Photocopy Materials of Renmin University of China

Personal Statement:

Zhao Weihua, obtained her Master’s Degree in Sociology from Shandong University and her Doctoral Degree in Sociology from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In recent years, she has presided over 2 National Social Science Funds, 3 Beijing Natural Science Funds and Beijing Social Science Funds, and several other topics. Zhao has also published two monographs, multiple co-authored publications, and more than 40 papers. Topics and Projects she hosts include:

1. "Research on the Development of the Middle Class in Beijing", General Project of Beijing Social Science Fund in 2015

2. "Differentiation of Social Structure and Expansion of Domestic Demand", General Project of National Social Science Fund in 2011

3. "Study on Social Integration of Migrant Workers", 2014 Beijing Social Work Commission Project

4. "Research on Water Consumption of Beijing Residents Based on Stratification", General Project of Beijing Natural Science Foundation in 2011

5. "Science and Technology Progress and Lifestyle Research", 2009 Beijing Planning Office Project

6. "Research on New Rural Cooperative Medical Care", 2005 National Social Science Fund Youth Project