Zhao Liqin

Personal profile

Name: Zhao Liqin

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail: zhaoliqin@bjut.edu.cn

Research Areas:

1. Youth Mental Health

2. Psychological Counseling

3. Social Psychology


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Personal Statement:

Zhao Liqin, Doctor of Psychology, graduated from School of Psychology of Beijing Normal University, and now is the Director of the Department of Sociology in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of BJUT. In the meantime, Zhao is also a registered psychological counselor of Professional Committee of Clinical Psychology and Counseling of Chinese Psychological Association and chief professor of College Students Mental Health, Network Training Center, Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education. In 2008, she visited the Flinders University in Australia as a senior visiting scholar to study the early diagnosis and treatment of autism. Her courses include Personality Psychology, Personality Assessment, Theory and Practice of Psychological Counseling, Social Psychological Research (Bilingual).