Zhang Wei

Personal profile

Name: Zhang Wei

Gender: Male

Degree: Ph.D.

E-mail: weizhang@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies:

1. President of the Belgian International Association for the Promotion of Education;

2. Director of the Learning Science Research Branch of the China Higher Education Society

Research Areas:

1. Educational Technology;

2. Curriculum and Teaching Theory;

3. Mixed Teaching;

4. Online Teaching

Personal Statement:

Zhang Wei, born in Yichun city, Heilongjiang province in 1982, Member of CPC and Doctor of Pedagogy of Free University of Brussels, Belgium. He currently lectures on "Masters of Literature Reading and Writing (Full English)" and "University Learning". He presided over and participated in five national, provincial, ministerial, school, and horizontal research projects, including the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, Beijing Education Information Integration and Innovation "Double Hundred" Demonstration Project, one national social science fund project, one horizontal enterprise commission project and three other research projects. He has published an academic monograph in English and published nearly twenty academic papers in English and Chinese in domestic and foreign journals.