Zhang Li

Personal profile

Name: Zhang Li

Gender: Female

Degree: Master

Title: Professor

E-mail: plshzl@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies:

Member of China Law Society

Research Area:

1. Research on the Theory and Practice of Intellectual Property


1. Second Prize of 2016 Annual Meeting of Liaoning Provincial Intellectual Property Research Association;

2. 2009 First Prize of Liaoning Provincial Jurisprudence Annual Meeting


1. Economic thinking about legal transplantation [J]. Juridical Science Journal, 2005(01):96-98.

2. The Development of Eco-environmental Law under the Concept of Scientific Development.

3. China Internet Sharing Economy Development Status and Legislation Research.

4. Legal transplantation and localization research, Chinese People's Public Security University Press, 2010.

5. Research on the Theory and Practice of People's Livelihood, Mass Press, 2013.

Personal Statement:

Zhang li received her bachelor's degree in law from Liaoning University in 1985 and master's degree in Economics from Nankai University in 2001. She worked as a teacher of the Law Department of Liaoning Provincial Party School from July 1985 to December 1993. Ms. Zhang served as a law teacher at Bohai University from December 1993 to September 2013. Since July 2016, she has been a professor at the Beijing University of Technology.

Zhang Li is mainly engaged in the teaching and scientific research of legal theory.