Yang Dengcai

Personal profile

Name: Yang Dengcai

Gender: Male


Title: Associate Researcher

Current Professional Societies:

1. Deputy Dean of Beijing Intellectual Property Institute

Research Areas:

1. Intellectual Property Management

2. Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

3. Scientific and Technological Management

4. Higher Education Research


1. “Talent Project” of BJUT

2. Beijing "Young Talents"

Personal Statement:

Yang Dengcai, born in September 1978, Doctor of Engineering, associate researcher. Now is the Deputy Director of the Scientific and Technological Development Institution of BJUT. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2001, his Master's and Doctoral Degree from Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing University of Technology in 2004 and 2014, respectively. With 3 years of work experience in high-tech enterprises, he has been engaged in scientific research management since 2006, serving as the Director and Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Office of the Science and Technology Department. He presided over and participated in the completion of nearly 10 provincial and ministerial and national projects. He has published academic papers in "China University Science and Technology", "Heilongjiang Higher Education Research", "Beijing Education" and other journals.