Xu Shidong

Personal profile

Name:Xu Shidong

Gender: Male

Degree: Master

E-mail: xushidong@bjut.edu.cn

Research Areas:

1. Open Education;

2. Network and Multimedia Technology


1. Second Prize of Beijing Municipal Teaching Achievement, 2009;

2. Funded by the "Young Talents Program" of Beijing Higher Education.

Personal Statement:

Xu Shidong, born in December 1980, Master of educational technology in Northeast Normal University, senior Technician, is mainly engaged in the research and development ofthenetwork teaching platform and is responsible for the promotion and training of educational technology in Beijing University of Technology. Hehaspresided over and participated in the publication of two monographs and textbooks, more than 10 scientific research projects, and published more than 10 papers in "China Education", "Modern Educational Technology", "Modern Educational Technology Equipment" and other publications.