Wu Xiaomei

Personal profile

Name:Wu Xiaomei



Title:Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies:

1. Member of the council committee of China Association for the Study of Literature in English;

2. Member of the council committee of English Poetry Study in China.

Research Areas:

1. British and American Literature;

2. Modern British and American Poetry;

3. Chinese and Western Comparative Literature.


1. Beijing Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Key Teacher Project

2. First Prize of Education and Teaching Achievement Award, Beijing University of Technology, 2019;

3. Second Prize of Young Teachers’ Basic Teaching Skills Contest;

4. Second Prize for Excellence in Education and Teaching.


1.Zhang, Jian and Wu, Xiaomei. "Pursuing ‘Thingness’: Wai-lim Yip and Daoist Modernism." Foreign Language and Literature34 (2018):1-8.

2.Wu, Xiaomei. "On Zen Buddhist Thoughts in Kenneth Rexroth’s Poetry." English and American Literary Studies. Ed. Li Weiping. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2017. 171-81.

3.Wu, Xiaomei. "‘Originally?’: Reading Home in Carol Ann Duffy’s Poems." Contemporary Foreign Literature 37(2016):68-74.

4.Wu, Xiaomei. "The Survey of the Fourth Annual Conference of China Association for the Study of Literature in English." Contemporary Foreign Literature 36(2015):168-71.

5.Wu Xiaomei, Li Zhengshuan(Eds), A Course of English and American Poetry, Beijing: Qinghua Press, 2004.

Personal statement

Wu Xiaomei has published more than 10 academic papers, including 4 papers in CSSCI journals in foreign languages. She compiled 1 textbook and participated in the compilation of 7 textbooks. She hosted 2 municipal research projects and 5 university-level projects and participates in 4 municipal research projects. She has received 8 academic awards including 3 awards from the Ministry of Education, 4 awards from the university, and 1 award from the college.