Wu Wenying

Personal profile

Name: Wu Wenying

Gender: Female

Degree: Master

Title: Professor

Research Areas:

1. Cross-Cultural Communication and Management

2. Higher Education Internationalization


1. Second Prize of the 7th Beijing Education Achievement, Beijing Municipal Government

2. Outstanding Achievements for Promoting International Exchange and Cooperation, China Society of Higher Education

3. Excellence in Master's Thesis Supervision in 2015 and 2016 respectively


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Personal Statement:

Wu Wenying obtained a master's degree in intercultural communication at Osaka Prefecture University, Japan in 1998. From September to December 2000, she went to the Advanced Translation School of the Southern University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands as an exchange teacher. From July to August 2006, she went to the Humanities College of the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom for study. From July to August 2010, she went to Maryland and other universities to participate in the college’s internationalization training. From January to March 2015, she visited the University of Nantes as a visiting scholar. She had been the Director of International Office and Dean of International College of Education since 2010. She is now the Principal of Dublin-International College of Beijing University of Technology.