Wu Lizi

Personal profile

Name: Wu Lizi

Gender: Male

Title: Associate Professor


E-mail: Chinawlz@vip.sina.com

Research Areas:

1. Urban Sociology

2. Rural Sociology


1. Why industrialization in the Yangtze River Delta region does not lead to urbanization——AnEmpirical Analysis of the Reasons for the Lag in Urbanization in Jiangsu Province [J]. Social Sciences in Nanjing, 2001(07):64-68.

2. Institutional Innovation and China's Urbanization [J]. Modern Economic Research,2002(08):19-22+70.

3.Theory about "Farmers" and Rural Policy System Call for Reconstruction——What do We Learn from the Second Survey ofDingxian? [J]. Journal ofRenmin University of China, 2004(05):46-58.

4. On the Poverty Problem of Farmers in the Period of Social Transformation——The Universal Conclusion ofDingxian Re-investigation [J]. Social Science Research, 2007(05):110-117.

5. On the Dilemma and Outlet of Rural Management in the Period of Social Transformation——The Universal Conclusion ofDingxian (Dingzhou) Re-investigation [J]. Jianghai Academic Journal, 2007(06):91-97.

6. Modern Market Analysis Methods . , Ningxia people's Publishing House, 1997.

7. On theMotivation of Contemporary Urbanization in China . , Henan people's Publishing House, 2008.

8.Structural Poverty of the Peasant . , Social Sciences Press, 2008.

9. China's Experience—30 Years of Reform and Opening-Up, Shanxi People’s Publishing House. 2008.

Personal Statement:

WuLizi offers coursessuch as Social Research Methods and Social Statistics. He is the producer, planner and documentary director of a 7 episodes TV documentary namedZhaicheng City—Survival and Struggle of a North China Village. He alsohas researchprojectssuch as:

1. 30-Year Employment Flow of Farmers in North China, a major issue of BeijingMunicipal Education Commission, 2008-2009;

2. Social Structure Planning ofChaoyang District under the Goal of the multiple aspects of transformation, Soft Science Project of Beijing Science and Technology Commission, 2008.