Wang Xiuyan

Personal profile

Name: WangXiuyan

Gender: Female

Title: Researcher


Research Areas & Honors:

1. Research on the Theory and Method of College Student Affairs Management

Research Features:

Drawing on the research achievements of philosophy, psychology, law and sociology, applicants explore the laws and methods of student affairs management from a multidisciplinary perspective, and clarify the core content and basic laws of student affairs management. Six student transaction management modes were proposed: single-line parallel, multi-line parallel, single-line vertical, multi-line vertical, multi-line cross and cycle operation. A new type of student transaction management operation was constructed from four dimensions: school, college, student and society system.

Research advantages:

Research papers are published in recognized educational authoritative journals such as Educational Research and China Higher Education. Relevant achievements won the third prize of the first "Research Achievements of Moral Education Innovation and Development in Universities" by the Ministry of Education. The "Introduction to College Student Affairs Management" and "Research on College Student Affairs Management under Multidisciplinary Perspective" edited by her are published in Higher Education Press and are used by Beijing Municipal Committee of Education as the designated training book for Beijing college counselors. As a moderator, she received continuous funding from the Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipality and National Development and Reform Commission and other scientific research projects:

(1) Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project: Research on university student affairs management, withfunding of100,000yuan.

(2) Humanities and social sciences research project of the Ministry of Education: Research on the integration reform of the European higher education zone qualification framework, withfunding of 90,000yuan.

(3) Beijing Natural Science Foundation: Research on the reconstruction of the "lawsuit" problem in universities and its resolution mechanism, withfunding of 40,000yuan.

(4) Beijing Educational Science Planning Project: Learning organization theory and its application research in student affairs management in Chinese colleges and universities, withfunding of 40,000yuan.

(5) The National Development and Reform Commission entrusted a task: comprehensively improve the level of party building and science and technology with a spirit of reform and innovation, with funding of 100,000yuan.

2. Research on Student Development Tutoring Methods

Research characteristics:

She has established a new mechanism for effective coordination of student affairs management and academic affairs management, and has built a student academic guidance system with the goal of "deepening the concept of guidance, building a guidance team, building a guidance platform, and innovating guidance content". She proposed three models based on constructivist learning theory, namely, exploratory academic counseling, tutoring academic counseling, and collaborative academic counseling. Based on the SLI theory, a linkage mechanism based on the academic rescue platform, psychological counseling platform, and parental counseling platform was proposed to construct a college student academic crisis intervention model and explore a new way to solve the college student academic crisis.

Research advantages:

The content of academic guidance research has been published in authoritative journals such as "China Higher Education", "degree and graduate education", and the research results have won the first prize of Beijing Education Teaching Achievement Award (ranked first). The "Opinions on Strengthening Academic Counseling Work in Beijing Universities" and "Guidebook on Academic Counseling Work in Beijing Universities"written by the lead, have been adopted by the Education and Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and promoted in Beijing. The research work has also been widely recognized by the society, and mainstream media such as China Education Daily andGuangming Daily reported in depth on the academic counseling model proposed by the applicant. As a moderator, she received funding from BeijingZheshe Planning Project, Beijing Social Science Fund and other scientific research projects:

(1) Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project: Research on the Construction of College Students' Academic Atmosphere in the Background of Connotative Development of Higher Education-Based on the academic counseling model, with funding of 60,000yuan.

(2) Beijing Social Science Fund: The impact of contemporary Chinese social thoughts on college students' ideological behavior and countermeasures, with funding of 80,000yuan.

(3) The project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission's social science plan: a study on the educational intervention model of college students' academic crisis, with funding of 50,000yuan.

(4) Beijing Municipal Education Commission commissioned a research project: Student Motivation and Academic Guidance Study,with funding of15,000yuan.

(5) Beijing Education Commission Employment Special Project: Construction of an employment course system based on the two-level management model of colleges and universities,with funding of500,000yuan.

(6) Beijing Talent Reinforcement Program Service Beijing Innovation Team Project: Research on college students serving Beijing education system,with funding of250,000 RMB.

3. Research on the Specialized Management Mechanism of the Counselor Team

Research characteristics:

She took the lead in summarizing the academic team management and operation model built by the academic counselor's academic team based on work content, discipline, and project organization, and refined the main factors that affect the operation of the academic counselor's academic team, that is, team development planning, the relationship between academic management and administrative management, the ecological environment of academic research and academic leaders, to build an academic ecology that is conducive to the growth of instructors, and promote the improvement of instructors' comprehensive business. Drawing on the Fidel method and the AHP method, a method of instructor evaluation is proposed, and the development of a university instructor evaluation system is completed.

Research advantages:

She published the monograph "Records of in-depth Tutoring for College Students", as the first author in "Education Research" (impact factor: 2.661), published "Practical Exploration ofstrengthening moral education in Higher Education", and proposed a Trinity Development Model of "Strengthening Morality—Starting Career—Cultivating Person". The research results won the second prize (ranked first) of the Beijing University's Party Building and Ideological and Political Work Outstanding Achievement Award. The "Beijing University of Technology Counselor Academic Team Implementation Plan" written by her has been implemented in the school, and has been promoted and applied by many brother schools such asUniversity of Science and Technology Beijingand Capital Normal University. As a host, she received funding for several research projects in Beijing:

(1)The task commissioned by the Beijing Municipal Committee ofEducation and Work: the research and development of the socialpractice base of young teachers in Beijing colleges anduniversities, with funding of 150,000yuan.

(2) The key subject of ideological and political education researchfor capital university students: the professional development ofcollege counselors based on academic teams, with funding of40,000yuan.

(3) Beijing Municipal Management College Talents StrengtheningEducation Program: "Young and Middle-aged Key TeacherTraining Program" project,with funding of60,000yuan.

Personal Statement:

WangXiuyan is selected into"100 Person Project" of Beijing Social Science Theoretical Talents. She has been engaged in the management of higher education for a long time, and has made a series of research results in the management of student affairs. She has hosted more than 20 provincial and ministerial projects such as the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education, the Beijing Natural Science Foundation, and the BeijingZheshe Project, and the research funding for the school is 1.7 millionyuan. She hasedited 7 books and textbooks, published more than 60 papers in authoritative journals such as "Education Research", "Chinese Higher Education", "degree and graduate education", among which 11 papers published as the first author were included by CSSCI. Herachievements have won many prizes such as the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award and the first prize of Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award.