Yang Rong

Personal profile

Name: Yang Rong

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail: yrong@263.net

Research Areas:

1. Social Work and Social Policy

2. Urban Community Research

3. Community Management, Community Organization


1. Second Prize of Civil Policy Theory Research, 2003


1. Four Chapter (80,000 characters in total) of the General Higher Education "Tenth Five-Year" National Planning TextbookSocial Work, Co-Editor, China Renmin University Press, June 2005.

2. Community Practice of Governance Theory - On the Transformation of Grassroots Management System in Beijing, Edited by Office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs: Excellent Papers of Civil Policy Research (2003), Beijing: China Society Publishing House, 2004.

3. A research of the development track of local management system of Beijing[J].Social Science of Beijing, 2004(01):93-101.

4. Several Issues on Community Education[J].Journal of Changsha Social Work College, 2007(02):9-12.

5. Study on the Function of Community Education in Beijing[J].Journal of Beijing City University, 2007(04):62-67+58.

6. On Social Work in China's Urban Poverty Governance[J].Expanding Horizons, 2008(03):35-37.

7. Function and Role: Comparison of Social Workers in China and Canada——From the Perspective of Community Development[J].Journal of Beijing University of Technology (Social Sciences Edition), 2008(02):7-12.

8. 60 Years of Social Development in Beijing, Chief-Edited by Lu Xueyi, in charge of Chapter 7“Urban Grassroots Management System”, China Science Publishing House, October 2008.

Personal Statement:

Yang Rong, born in 1971, graduated from the Department of History of Lanzhou University with her master’s degree in July 1996. Then she obtained her doctor’s degree and graduated from the Department of Sociology of Renmin Univesity of China in 2010. The courses she offered are Social Work, Introduction to Social Work, Introduction to Classic Theory of Social Work. Topics or projects Yang hosts include:

1. Theory and Practice of Bilingual Teaching, Educational Teaching Project of Beijing University of Technology, 2009-2010

2. Research on Beijing Urban Community Power Structure and Its Operating Mechanism, Beijing Education Commission Project, 2008-2010

3.Survey and Course Development of Talents in the Field of Social Assistance, Commissioned by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 2007-2008

4. Research on Contemporary Beijing Community Education Function, Beijing Educational Science Planning Office Project, 2003-2004

5. Research on Community Construction and Grassroots Management System in Beijing, Beijing Education Commission Project, 2001-2003