Wang Hui

Personal profile

Name: Wang Hui

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Lecturer


Current Professional Societies:

Committee Member of China Society of Criminal Execution Law.


1. Wang Hui (2020).On the Construction of Double Qualified Teachers of Law [J].China Higher Education, 643(3-4):71-73.

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3. Wu Zongxian, Wang Hui, et al (2018). Problems in the Amendment of China Prison Law [J]. Criminal Law Review, 53(1):482-542.

4. Wang Hui (2015). Research on the Substitution Function of Imprisonment in Community Corrections [J]. Journal of Henan Police College, 24(4):61-68.

5. Wang Hui (2014). Social psychological analysis on corrections of public officials [M]. China Chang'an Press.

Personal Statement:

Wang Hui, born in Hebei, obtained his doctor's degree in law from the School of Criminal Sciences of Beijing Normal University. He used to be a policeman and therefore has a special understanding of criminal justice. He has published many articles and books on crime and criminology. His main research areas include criminal corrections, criminology in Scandinavian countries, and crimes committed by white-collar offenders and public officials.