Wang Xuefei

Personal profile

Name: Wang Xuefei

Gender: Female

Degrees: MA

Title: Associate Professor


Research Areas

  1. Corpus Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition

  2. Corpus Linguistics and English Language Teaching

  3. Intercultural Communication


  1. 2018 Excellent Guide Teacher Award of FLTRP Cup National Reading Contest

  2. 2017 Outstanding Teacher Award of Beijing University of Technology in Fostering Virtue through Education

  3. 2012 Excellent Teaching Award of Beijing University of Technology

  4. 'Remarkable Contribution to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games' Award


  1. Liu Ang, Wang Xuefei. 2019. Empirical Study on Hedges in the Abstracts of Articles in Computer Science between China and America.Modern Linguistics(7) 6: 983-988.

  2. Liu Ang, Wang Xuefei. 2017. A Corpus-based Comparative Study on ‘Apology’ between British English and American English.Journal of Qiqihar University(11): 146-149.

  3. Wang Xuefei, Zhou Junying. 2010. A CLEC-based Study on Collocational Behaviors of Adjectives Associations.Journal of Changsha Railway University11(4):136-138.

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  5. Wang Xuefei, Zhou Junying. 2007. Chunking – An Effective Approach to Vocabulary Teaching and Learning in College Classroom.China English Language Teaching(30) 3:79-84.

  6. Wang Xuefei. 2006. Using Corpus Concordances to Refine Chinese non-English Majors’ Vocabulary Usage.Foreign Language Teaching(27): 12-13.

Personal Statement

Wang Xuefei, an associate professor and postgraduate supervisor, leads the Beijing Dublin International College English teaching team of Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) and international training exchange and international-oriented course design program of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of BJUT. She has been dedicated to English teaching for 25 years. She has presided on 5 projects concerning teaching education and humanities and social sciences and was involved in several other projects. She has published nearly 20 papers in national journals, including 3 papers on core foreign language journals.