Wang Chao


Personal profile

Name: Wang Chao

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D

Title: Associate Researcher


Research Areas

1. Higher Education and University Management

2. University Student Affairs Management


1. The Second Prize of Excellent Papers on the Ideological and Political Education of Capital University Students by the Education Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China—Awarded paper “The Specialized Construction and Implementation of University Graduate Affairs Management System”.

2. The Third Prize for the Research and Development of Moral Education Innovation in Universities—Awarded work “Introduction to Student Affairs Management in Universities”.

3. National Excellent Prize for Excellent Research Achievements in Student Work.


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Personal Statement

Wang Chao, a female born in Tieling, Liaoning in 1978, is an associate researcher of the Institute of Higher Education, Beijing University of Technology. She presided over two educational projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation. Besides, she has presided over and participated in over 10 projects at the provincial and ministerial levels. She has published nearly 20 research papers inEducational Research,China's Higher Education,China's Higher Education Research, andHigher Education Exploration. Her paper "professional construction and implementation of graduate affairs management system in colleges and universities" won the second prize of Beijing's excellent research papers. She participated in the compilation of two books, and the preparation of "introduction to student affairs management in colleges and universities", which won the third prize of research achievements in the innovation and development of moral education in colleges and universities awarded by the Ministry of Education. Her major research directions are internationalization of higher education, institutional research, and university student affairs management.