Chen Zhe

Personal profile

Gende: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies:

1.Director of Education Evaluation Branch of China Architecture Society;

2.Expert of Beijing Green Building Identification Committee;

3.Expert of Beijing Engineering Technology Series (senior) Technical Qualification Evaluation;

4.National first-class Certified Architect.

Research Areas:

1.Sustainable Development of Architecture and City;

2. Urban and Rural Community Planning from the Perspective of Green and Aged Adaptability.


Outstanding Teacher of Beijing Advanced Education.


1.Discussion on The Space Type And Adaptive Development Of The Combination of Medical And Nursing Care For Elderly Care Facilities——Taking Beijing As An Example [J]. Architectural Journal, 2018 (S1): 29-33.

2.Research on The Optimization Method Of Urban Design Guidelines Construction From The Perspective of Quantitative Indicators [J]. Journal Of Architecture, 2015 (S1): 140-145.

3.Exploration of Post-Use Evaluation (POE) Method of Affordable Housing——Taking 3 Affordable Residential Areas In Beijing As An Example [J]. Journal of Architecture, 2016 (S2): 106-108.

4.Research On Evolutionary Adaptation Development Strategy Of Chinese Traditional Villages Based On Complex Adaptive System Theory (CAS) [J]. Architectural Journal, 2014 (S1): 57-63.

5.Thinking About The Vitality Of Urban Streets [J]. Architectural Journal, 2009 (S2): 121-126.

Personal Statement:

Chen Zhe got his Ph.D. in Architectural Design and Theory from Tongji University. He is mainly engaged in research on sustainable development of architecture and cities and urban and rural community planning from the perspective of green and adaptability.

He published more than 60 academic papers in academic journals such as "Urban Planning", "Architectural Journal", "New Architecture" and "Architect".

He published monographs such as "Introduction to Architectural Ethics", "Architecture and Planning for an Aging Society", "Planning and Design of Affordable Housing"; and presided over and participated in "Green Residential Standard", "Beijing Green Building Design Standard" Preparation of industry and local standards. He also presided over the completion of the 20th Century Beijing Architectural Heritage Health Evaluation and technical standards research, the Construction and Planning of the Elderly Medical Service Facility System in the Capital Area, the Comprehensive Governance Design along Xidan North Street, and the Architectural Design of the Border State Gate of Tumen City in the Miyun District, Beijing. He has finished more than 30 horizontal and vertical scientific research and engineering projects such as Gubeikou Traditional Village Protection Development Plan, Beijing Beautiful Village Construction Standards and Evaluation Research.