Diao Yanhua


Personal profile

Name: Diao Yanhua

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: diaoyanhua@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

Member of Beijing Society for Refrigeration

Research Areas

1. Solar Energy Utilization;

2. Heat Storage Technology;

3. Heat and Mass Transfer.


1. First-grade Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation of Beijing City, 2014;

2. Silver Medal of 14thChina International Industrial Exposition;

3. First-grade Award, Excellent Exhibits Award in the Exhibition Area of the 15thChina International Industrial Exposition;

4. Gold Award of the 8thBeijing Invention and Innovation Competition.


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2.Yanhua Diao,Chengzhan Li,Yaohua Zhao,Yan Liu,Shun Wang,Experimentalinvestigation on the pool boiling characteristics and critical heat flux ofCu-R141b nanorefrigerant under atmospheric pressure,International Journal ofHeat and Mass Transfer,89(2015) 110-115.

3.Yanhua Diao,Yan Liu,Zhao, Yaohua Zhao,Shun Wang,Evaporation/BoilingHeat Transfer Performance in a Sintered Copper Mesh Structure,Journal of HeatTransfer-Transactions of the ASME,,136(2014) 081502.

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5.Yanhua Diao, Yameng Kang, Lin Liang, Yaohua Zhao, Tingting Zhu, Experimental investigation on the heat transfer performance of a latent thermal storage device based on miniature heat pipe array. Energy, 138(2017) 929-941.

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8.Yanhua Diao,Lili Yin, Zeyu Wang, Yaohua Zhao, Lin Liang, Fengwu Bai, Numerical analysis of heat transfer characteristics for air in a latent heat thermal energy storage using flat miniature heat pipe arrays, Applied Thermal Engineering, 162(2019) 114247.

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10.Tingting Zhu, Yanhua Diao, Yaohua Zhao, Cheng Ma, Performance evaluation of a novel flat-plate solar air collector with micro-heat pipe arrays (MHPA), Applied Thermal Engineering, 118(2017) 1–16.

Personal Statement

Diao Yanhua, Associate professor and master supervisor,a teacher in the Department of Building Environment and Energy Application, Beijing University of Technology.He has presided one Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation and one General Project of Science and Technology Plan for Beijing Municipal Education Commission. He has published more than forty SCI papers on international major journals, and one paper was selected as high-cited paper (ESI).