Chu Haibo

Personal profile

Name:Chu Haibo



Title:Research Assistant

Research Areas

1. Hydrological forecasting;

2. Groundwater numerical simulation;

3. Interaction between surface water and groundwater.


1. The first prize for progress in science and technology of Qinghai Province in 2019.


1. Haibo Chu, Jiahua Wei, Wenyan Wu. Streamflow prediction using LASSO-FCM-DBN approach based on hydro-meteorological condition classification. Journal of Hydrology, 2020, 580.

2. Haibo Chu, Jiahua Wei, Jiaye Li, Tiejian Li. Investigation of the relationship between runoff and atmospheric oscillations, sea surface temperature, and local-scale climate variables in the Yellow River headwaters region. Hydrological Processes, 2018, 32(10): 1434-1448.

3. Haibo Chu, Jiahua Wei, Rong Wang, Baodong Xin. Characterizing the interaction of groundwater and surface water in the karst aquifer of Fangshan, Beijing (China). Hydrogeology Journal, 2017, 25(2): 575–588.

4. Haibo Chu, Wenyan Wu, Q.J. Wang, Rory Nathan, Jiahua Wei. An ANN-based emulation modelling framework for flood inundation modelling: Application, challenges and future directions. Environmental Modelling and Software, 2020.

5. Haibo Chu, Jiahua Wei, Jun Qiu, Qiong Li, Guangqian Wang. Identification of the impact of climate change and human activities on rainfall-runoff relationship variation in the Three-River Headwaters region. Ecological Indicators, 2019,106, 105516.

Personal statement

Chu haibo, Research Assistant, whose research interests include mid- and long-term runoff forecasting model,numerical simulation and optimal control of groundwater system, integrated modeling and reasonable allocation of surface water and groundwater. Chu haibo did her undergrad at Jilin University, received a Bachelor in Hydrology and Water Resources, went on to get the Master and Doctor at Jilin University during 2006 and 2015. After that, she completed postdoctor in Tsinghua University. Dr. Chu has successfully participated in the research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and so on. In addition, Dr. Chu has published more than 20 journal papers. She won the first prize for progress in science and technology of Qinghai Province in 2019. She is the review editor of the journal "AI in Food, Agriculture and Water".