Dou Xueping

Personal profile

Name:Dou Xueping



Title:Assistant Professor

Research Areas

1. Public Transit Analysis, Modeling and Optimization

2. Urban Transportation Planning and Management


1.Xueping Dou, Qiang Meng, Kai Liu, 2020.Customized bus service design for uncertain commuting travel demand.Transportmetrica A: Transport Science. SCI

2.Xueping Dou, Hua Wang, Qiang Meng, 2019. Parallel shuttle bus service design for planned mass rapid transit shutdown: The Singapore experience.Transportation Research Part C:Emerging Technologies, 108: 340-356. SCI

3.Xueping Dou, Qiang Meng, 2019. Feeder bus timetable design and vehicle size setting in peak hour demand conditions[J].Transportation Research Record, 1-12. SCI

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6.Xueping Dou, Yadan Yan, Xiucheng Guo, Xiaolin Gong, 2016. Time control point strategy coupled with transfer coordination in bus schedule design.Journal of Advanced Transportation, 50(7): 1336-1351. SCI

7.Xueping Dou, Qiang Meng, Xiucheng Guo, 2015. Bus schedule coordination for the last train service in an intermodal bus-and-train transport network.Transportation Research Part CEmerging Technologies, 60: 360-376. SCI

Personal statement

Dr. Dou received her PhD degree in transportation engineering from Southeast University, Nanjing, China in 2016, and has conducted postdoctoral research at National University of Singapore for more than two years. She joined Beijing University of Technology in 2019. Dr. Dou has distinguished herself through high-level research at the forefront of analysis, modeling and optimization of urban public transportation system. She has already authored more than ten articles in the leading transportation journals and co-authored one monograph. Since January 1, 2021, she has been awarded three research projects as a principle investigator.