Han Yan

Personal profile

Name: Han Yan

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Associated Professor

E-mail: hanyan422@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

1. Standing Committee, Tourism and Transportation Working Committee of China Highway and Transportation;

2. Chairman of the "Traffic Engineering-Parking Planning" Technical Committee of World Transport Convention.

Research Areas

1. Traffic planning and management;

2. Decision-making and behavior;

3. Transit optimization.


Outstanding Teacher of Beijing University of Technology,2017;


1.Yan Han *, Tiantian Zhang, Meng Wang. Holiday travel behavior analysis and empirical study with Integrated Travel Reservation Information usage [J]Transportation research part A:Policy and practice ,2020,134:130-151

2.Wanying Li, Yan Han*, Pengfei Wang, Hongzhi Guan. Invulnerability analysis of traffic network in tourist attraction under unexpected emergency events based on cascading failure [J] IEEE ACESS ,2019,7:147383-147398

3. Yan Han, Wanying Li, Shanshan Wei, Tiantian Zhang. Research on Passenger’s Travel Mode Choice Behavior Waiting at Bus Station Based on SEM-Logit Integration Model[J]SUSTAINABILITY, 2019,10(6):1-23

4.Haiyan Zhu,Hongzhi Guan,Yan Han*, Wanying Li. A study of tourists‘ holiday rush-hour avoidance travel behavior considering psychographic segmentation [J] Sustainability 2019,11(13):1-13

5. Yan Han, Jiawen Shan, Meng Wang and Guang Yang.Optimization design and evaluation of parking route based on automatic assignment mechanism of parking lot[J]Advances in Mechanical Engineering,2017, Vol. 9(7) 1-9

Personal statement

Han Yan, associated professor and master supervisor, Head of Department of Traffic Engineering, Beijing University of Technology since 2019. She has been engaged in teaching for 17 years. She has presided one National Natural Science Foundation of China projects and take part in several National Science and Technology Support Programs. She has published more than 30 academic papers on international major journals. Her research interests include public transportation planning and management, tourism traffic planning and management, road traffic safety management and parking planning and management.