Guo Meng


Personal profile

Name: Guo Meng

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Editorial Board Member of Road Materials and Pavement Design (SCI Journal, JCR-Q2)

2. Editorial Board Member of Journal of Testing and Evaluation (SCI Journal, ASTM Journal)

3. Lead Guest Editor, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (SCI Journal)

4. Guest Editor, Sustainability (SCI Journal)

5. Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology (EI Journal)

6. Young Academic Editor, China Journal of Highway and Transport (EI Journal)

7. Young Academic Editor, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition)

8. Member, Standing Committee on Asphalt Binders (AFK20), Transportation Research Board (TRB)

9. Member, Standing Committee on Sealants and Fillers for Joints and Cracks (AHD25), Transportation Research Board (TRB)

10. Senior Member, International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM)

11. Academic Member, Academy for Pavement Science and Engineering (APSE)

12. Evaluation Expert, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

13. Evaluation Expert, Natural Science Foundation of Beijing, China

14. Member, The 5th Youth Expert Committee of China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS)

15. Member, Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER)

16. Member, Scientific Committee, 9th European Asphalt Technology Association (EATA) Conference 2021 (EATA 2021)

17. Member, Scientific Committee, RILEM International Symposium on Bituminous Materials (ISBM Lyon 2020)

18. Member, Scientific Committee, the International Symposium on Pavement, Roadway, and Bridge Life Cycle Assessment 2020 (LCA 2020)

19. Member, Scientific committee, Advances in Materials and Pavement Performance Prediction (AM3P 2020)

20. Member, Scientific committee, Advances in Materials and Pavement Performance Prediction (AM3P 2018)

21. Member, International Scientific committee, RILEM 252-CMB Symposium on Chemo-Mechanical Characterization of Bituminous Materials

22. Member, Scientific committee, 2019 World Transport Convention (WTC 2019)

23. Member, Scientific committee, 2018 World Transport Convention (WTC 2018)

24. Youth Expert, The 2nd Transportation Research Congress (TRC)

25. Member, Scientific committee, 5th Chinese European Workshop on Functional Pavement Design (CEW2018)

26. Member, Program Committee, World Road Meeting 2017 (WRM 2017)

Research Areas

1. Innovative characterization methods of sustainable pavement materials

2. Environment-friendly pavement materials and structures

3. Mechanistic modeling of fatigue cracking and durability of pavement materials

4. The mechanism of aging and recycling of asphaltic materials and its multiscale evaluation methods

5. Emerging technologies and materials for pavement preservation and maintenance

6. Life cycle assessment of transportation infrastructure


1. Young and middle-aged leading talent for scientific and technological innovation, Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China (Sixteen people were awarded per year in China) Oct.2020

2. Young Elite Scientists Sponsorship Program by CAST (YESS), China Association for Science and Technology (Ranking No. 1 of ChinaNov.2018

3. China Highway Youth Science and Technology Award (Ten people were awarded per year in China) Sept.2019

4. First Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Highway & Transportation Society (No. 2) Nov.2019

5. China patent excellence award Nov.2017

6. Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, Harbin Institute of Technology (Top 1%) Sept.2017

7. "Li Chang Award", Harbin Institute of Technology (The highest honor of the university. Five places every two year) Jun.2015

8. Excellent Postdoctor, University of Science and Technology Beijing (Eight people were awarded in the whole university) Dec.2017

9. Best Paper Award, 1st International Doctoral Annual Symposium on Intelligent Transportation Technology and Sustainable Development  Dec.2012

10. Best Paper Award, China Journal of Highway and Transport, Third Prize  Dec.2015

11. Outstanding Reviewer Award of Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier Jun.2018

12. Outstanding Reviewer Award of Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Elsevier Mar.2018

13. Outstanding Reviewer Award of Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier Feb.2018

14. Outstanding Reviewer Award of Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier Sept.2017

15. Outstanding Reviewer Award of Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical, Elsevier Sept.2017

16. Outstanding Reviewer Award of Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier Feb.2017

17. Outstanding Reviewer Award of Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier Feb.2015


Published 75 papers (including 50 SCI). The H-index is 21. The total citations are more than 1,200 times. Selected papers are as follows.

1. Meng Guo*, Yiqiu Tan. Interaction between asphalt and mineral fillers and its correlation to mastics’ viscoelasticity. International Journal of Pavement Engineering. 2021, 22 (1): 1-10.

2. Meng Guo, Haiqing Liu, Yubo Jiao*, Liantong Mo, Yiqiu Tan, Dawei Wang, Meichen Liang. Effect of WMA-RAP Technology on Pavement Performance of Asphalt Mixture: A State-of-the-Art Review. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2020, 266 (1): 121704.

3. Meng Guo, Yiqiu Tan*, Jianming Wei. Using molecular dynamics simulation to study concentration distribution of asphalt binder on aggregate surface. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. 2018, 30 (5): 04018075

4. Meng Guo*, Yiqiu Tan*, Linbing Wang, Yue Hou. Diffusion of Asphaltene, Resin, Aromatic and Saturate Components of Asphalt on Mineral Aggregates Surface: Molecular Dynamics Simulation.Road Materials and Pavement Design, 2017, 18 (S3): 149-158.

5. Meng Guo, Amit Bhasin, Yiqiu Tan*. Effect of Mineral Fillers Adsorption on Rheological and Chemical Properties of Asphalt Binder. Construction and Building Materials, 2017, 141: 152-159.

6. Meng Guo, Yiqiu Tan*, Jianxin Yu, Yue Hou, Linbing Wang. A Direct Characterization of Interfacial Interaction between Asphalt Binder and Mineral Fillers by Atomic Force Microscopy. Materials and Structures, 2017, 50: 141.

7. Meng Guo*, Arash Motamed, Yiqiu Tan, Amit Bhasin.Investigating the Interaction between Asphalt Binder and Fresh and Simulated RAP Aggregate. Materials & Design, 2016, 105: 25-33.

8. Meng Guo, Yiqiu Tan*, Shuiwen Zhou. Multiscale Test Research on Interfacial Adhesion Property of Cold Mix Asphalt. Construction and Building Materials, 2014, 68: 769-776.

9. Yiqiu Tan, Meng Guo*. Interfacial Thickness and Interaction between Asphalt and Mineral Fillers. Materials and Structures, 2014, 47 (4): 605-614.

10. Yiqiu Tan, Meng Guo*. Using Surface Free Energy Method to Study the Cohesion and Adhesion of Asphalt Mastic. Construction and Building Materials, 2013, 47: 254-260.

Personal statement

Guo Meng is a Full Professor in the The Key Laboratory of Urban Security and Disaster Engineering of Ministry of Education at Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China.

He was an assistant professor in the National Center for Materials Service Safety at University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2016-2018. He holds his Ph.D. (2016) and Master’s (2012) degrees all in Railway and Highway Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology. He worked as a visiting scholar in Civil Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin for one year (2013-2014). His research interests are performance evaluation and life extension of transportation infrastructures including pavements.

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