Gao Xiangyu


Personal profile

Gender: Male

Degrees: Doctor

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies:

Membership of the committee of seismic reduction and response control of structures

Research Areas

Structural engineering and seismic disaster prevention


First Prize of Science and Technology Advance Awards, Beijing City Government, 2016.

HUAXIA Construction Science and Technology Awards, China Academy of Building Research,2013.

First Prize of the Educational and Teaching Achievements Awards, Beijing City Government, 2013.


1. Mechanism of dynamic inelastic torsion and anti-torsional design strategy of steel-braced concrete frames, Journal of Building Structures, Vol.39(2),Feb. 2018. EI.

2. Inelastic torsion characteristics and design suggestions for steel frame-bent structures in the main buildings of thermal power plants, Engineering Mechanics, Vol.34(10), Oct.2017. EI.

3. Experimental investigation on seismic performance of steel frame-bent structures with braces in thermal power plants, China Civil Engineering Journal, Vol.50(10), Oct.2017. EI.

4. Seismic retrofitting of existing concrete structures with BRB installed in additional concrete frames, Engineering Mechanics, Vol.31 No.8, June, 2014. EI.

5. Tests for structure and dynamic properties of TMD buckling-restrained braces, Journal of Vibration and Shock, Vol.33, No.15, 2014. EI.

6. Experimental study on seismic behavior of concrete frame retrofitted with additional BRB concrete frame, Journal of Building Structures, Vol.34, No.12, Dec. 2013. EI.

Personal Statement

Gao Xiangyu, professor and doctoral supervisor. The experiment study and engineering application of energy dissipation and seismic reduction technology have been carried out for many years. In the research projects are the nuclear-island isolation technology research, industrial buildings energy dissipation and seismic reduction. More than 150 papers were published, and more than 20 papers were retrieved by EI and SCI. As a member of Beijing assembly building expert committee, the work he is engaged in belongs to the national and Beijing key development areas.