Guo Cong


Personal profile

Name: Guo Cong

Gender: Female

Degrees: PHD

Title: Lecturer


Current Professional Societies


Research Areas

Traffic strategies, Urban regeneration




Zhao, Jinbao; Guo, Cong(*); Zhang, Ruhua; Guo, Dong; Palmer, Mathew; Impacts of weather on cycling and walking on twin trails in Seattle, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2019, 77: 573-588.

Zhonghua Wei, Xinwang Ma, Shaofan Wang, Shi Qiu, Cong Guo (*). Diffusion Law of Particulate Matter 2.5 Inside the Urban Street Canyon of Beijing,18-05728, Transportaion Research Board’s Annual Metting, Washington.D.C, Jan 7-11, 2018.

Lu Shuai, Guo Cong(*). Research on the influence of curved facades on the daylight performance of office buildings. CAADRIA, Beijing 2018,5.17-5.19.

Personal Statement

Got her qualifications in Tianjin University and The University of Queensland, she is currently a lecturer in BJUT. Funded by the Beijing Scientific Foundation and the Social Science Foundation of Chinese Ministry of Education, she is working on the restoration strategies of traditional villages, sustainable traffic strategies, and green building strategies.