Pan Song

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Personal profile

Name: Pan Song

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Associate professor


Current Professional Societies

1.Member of Simulation Professional Committee of HVAC Branch of China Architectural Society;

2. Member of China Energy Conservation Association Rail Transit Energy Saving Branch;

3. Member of Japan Society of Air Conditioning and Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Research Areas

1. Metro Station Air Quality and Passenger Dynamic Thermal Comfort;

2. Research and Development of New Subway Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment and Systems;

3. Simulation of Human Adaptive Behavior in Architecture.


1. Third Prize of Advanced Individual Employment in Beijing University of Technology,2015

2. Excellent Class Teacher Of Beijing University of Technology,2019/2015

3. The Second Prize of "2018 National Annual Conference on Railway and Urban Rail Transportation HVAC"


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Personal statement

Pan Song is Associate Professor and Doctoral Supervisor in the School of Civil Engineering, Beijing University of Technology,. As the project leader, he presided over a project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China-"Research on the distribution law and motion characteristics of fine particles in subway stations" (Project Number: 10004020201502) and another project of the National Thirteenth Five-Year Science and Technology Support Sub-project-"Building Full Performance Simulation Platform kernel development "(project number: 2I004020201704). He holds 2 translated works, published more than 80 scientific papers, of which 18 were included in SCI, 10 authorized invention patents and utility models, 15 software copyrights. He also participated in the compilation of the national standard "Energy-saving commissioning method of heating and air conditioning systems" GB / T 35972-2018 , Beijing local standard "Monitoring and testing for energy saving of ground-source heat pump system" DB11/T 1639-2019, and "Monitoring and testing for energy saving of sewage-source heat pump heating system" DB11/T 1651-2019. In terms of teaching guidance, he has instructed many undergraduates to win the first prize of the National College Students Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Contest, and guided several undergraduates and graduate students to obtain Excellent Graduation Designs / Thesis.