Chen Yanhui

Personal profile

Name: Yanhui Chen

Gender Female

Degrees Ph.D.

Title Associate Professor



Research Areas Microscopy, superalloys


  1. Y. Chen, F. Xue, C. Wang, X. Li, Q. Deng, X. Yang, H. Long, W. Li, L. Yang, A. Li, Effect of Cr on the microstructure and oxidation properties of Co-Al-W superalloys studied by in situ environmental TEM, Corrosion Science, 161 (2019) 108179.

  2. D. Li, X. Shu, D. Kong, H. Zhou, Y. Chen, Revealing the atomistic deformation mechanisms of face-centered cubic nanocrystalline metals with atomic-scale mechanical microscopy: A review, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 34 (2018) 2027-2034.

  3. Y. Chen, F. Xue, S. Mao, H. Long, B. Zhang, Q. Deng, B. Chen, Y. Liu, P. Maguire, H. Zhang, X. Han, Q. Feng, Elemental preference and atomic scale site recognition in a Co-Al-W-base superalloy, Scientific Reports, 7 (2017) 17240.

  4. Y. Chen, J. Zhou, F. Vajda, P. Maguire, R. O’Connell, W. Schmitt, Y. Li, Z. Yan, Y. Zhang, H. Zhang, Multi-metallic Hydrate Hollow Structures in Cobalt Hydrate Based Systems, Crystal Growth & Design, 17 (2017) 1568-1573.

Personal Statement

Yanhui Chen received her Ph.D. from Beijing University of Technology in 2008 and then move to Trinity College Dublin for postdoctoral research and then move back to Beijing University of Technology in 2014. Her research is focused on gas-solid interface reaction especially on metal and alloys.