Fu Hanguang

Personal profile

Name: Fu Hanguang

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail: hgfu@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

1. Director of Foundry Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society;

2. Director of the Solidification Science and Technology Branch of the Chinese Society for Materials Research;

3. Director of the Material Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering;

4. Director of the Metallographic and Microscopic Analysis Branch of the Chinese Society of Stereology;

5. Member of the Academic Committee of the Wear-Resistant Materials of the Chinese Metal Society.

Research Areas

1. Processing of advanced wear-resistant materials

2. Laser surface strengthening

3. Advanced casting technology


1. Two achievements won Second Prize of the National Technical Invention Award of China;

2. The special allowance of the State Council of P. R. China.


1. Penghui, Yang;Hanguang, Fu*;Guolu, Li;Jinhai, Liu;Xuebo, Zhao. Microstructures and properties of carbidic austempered ductile Iron containing Fe3C particles and superfine ausferrite. Materials and Design, 186 (2020) 108363.

2. Sun, Shuting;Fu, Hanguang*;Ping, Xuelong;Guo, Xingye;Lin, Jian;Lei, Yongping;Wu, Wenbo;Zhou, Jianxin. Formation mechanism and mechanical properties of titanium-doped NbC reinforced Ni-based composite coatings. Applied Surface Science, 476 (2019) 914-927.

3. Shuting, Sun;Hanguang, Fu*;Ping, Xuelong;Guo, Xingye;Lin, Jian;Lei, Yongping;Wu, Wenbo;Zhou, Jianxin.Effect of liquid nitrogen cooling on grain growth and properties of laser cladding in-situ (Ti, Nb)C/Ni composite coatings. Materials Characterization, 152 (2019) 115-129.

4. Sun, Shuting;Fu, Hanguang*;Chen, Shuangye;Ping, Xuelong;Wang, Kaiming;Guo, Xingye;Lin, Jian;Lei, Yongping.A numerical-experimental investigation of heat distribution, stress field and crack susceptibility in Ni60A coatings. Optics and Laser Technology, 117 (2019) 175-185.

5. Ren, Xiangyi;Fu, Hanguang*;Xing, Jiandong;Yi, Yanliang.Effect of solidification rate on microstructure and toughness of Ca-Ti modified high boron high speed steel. Materials Science and Engineering A, 742 (2019) 617-627.

Personal Statement

Fu Hanguang, professor and doctoral supervisor, has studied wear-resistant materials and advanced casting technology for35 years. He has presided four projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than one hundred and eighty SCI papers on international major journals and four academic books. The citation times have exceeded 6000 times. Moreover, 152 invention patents have been authorized. The research group has good research conditions and sufficient funds.