Gao Feng


Personal profile

Name: Gao Feng

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies

Deputy Secretary General of Eco-materials Branch of Chinese Materials Research Society

Research Areas

1. Products life cycle assessment and materials flow analysis

2. Life cycle multi-dimension evaluation technology and application inmanufacturing processes and products


Second Prize of China National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2012


[1] Feng Gao,Zuoren Nie, Danpin Yang, Boxue Sun, Yu Liu, Xianzheng Gong, Zhihong Wang. Environmental Impacts Analysis of Titanium Sponge Production Using Kroll Process in China. Journal of Cleaner Production , 2018, 174: 771-779

[2] Feng Gao, Yu Liu, Zuo-ren Nie, et al. Variation Trend and Driving Factors of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Chinese Magnesium Production. Environmental Science & Technology, 2015, 49 (21): 12662-12669

[3] Feng Gao, Zuoren Nie, Zhihong Wang, et al. Life Cycle Assessment of Primary Magnesium Production Using the Pidgeon Process in China. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 2009, 14(5): 480-489

Personal Statement

Gao Feng, Professor and doctoral supervisor, is the Deputy Director of National Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Big-data Application Technology, Beijing University of Technology. His research group is committed to materials and products life cycle analysis to simulate and predict the correlation mechanism of quality (or performances) and the resource and energy consumption and environmental impacts ofindustrial processes and their products based on big data technology. He and his group is also committed to explore and identify the scientific laws and driving factors of materials and products manufacturing processes and their energy metabolism, and to calculate and analyze the related resource use efficiency and environmental efficiency.

There are a certain number of master's and doctoral enrollments every year in his research group. The students with the professional background in industrial ecology, materials science and engineering, environment science and engineering, resources recycling science and engineering, metallurgy, information science and technology, etc..are warmly welcomed!