Gao Kunyuan

 Personal profile

Name: GAO, Kunyuan

Gender: Gemale

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies

Member ofChina Nonferrous Metals Association

Research Areas

Micro-alloyingin Aluminum alloys, Surface and interface


Humboldt Research Fellow


l Yusheng Ding,Kunyuan Gao,* Xiangyuan Xiong, Hui Huang, Shengping Wen, Xiaolan Wu, Zuoren Nie,* Rui Shao, Cheng Huang, Shanshan Guo, Dejing Zhou, High Corrosion Resistance and Strain Hardening of High Mg Al-alloy With Er and Zr produced by a New Reverse Stabilization Process,Scripta Materialia, 171 (2019), 26-30

l Yusheng Ding,Kunyuan Gao*, Hui Huang, Shengping Wen, Xiaolan Wu, Zuoren Nie, Shanshan Guo, Rui Shao, Cheng Huang, Dejing Zhou,Nucleation and Evolution of β Phase and Corresponding Intergranular Corrosion Transition at 100–230 °C in 5083 Alloy Containing Er and Zr,Materials and Design, 174, 15 (2019), 107778

l Yusheng Ding,Kunyuan Gao*, Shanshan Guo, Shengping Wen, Xiaolan Wu, Zuoren Nie, Hui Huang, Dejing Zhou, The recrystallization behavior of Al-6Mg-0.4Mn-0.15Zr-xSc (x = 0.04–0.10 wt%) alloys,Materials Characterization, 147(2019), 262-270,

l Yi Zhang,Kunyuan Gao*, Shengping Wen, Hui Huang, Wei Wang, Zhaowei Zhu, Zuoren Nie, Dejing Zhou, The Study on The Coarsening Process And Precipitation Strengthening of Al3Er Precipitate in Al–Er binary alloy,Journal of Alloys and Compounds 610 (2014) 27 -34

l Yi Zhang,Kunyuan Gao*, Shengping Wen, Hui Huang, Wei Wang, Zhaowei Zhu, Zuoren Nie, Dejing Zhou, Determination of Er and Yb Solvuses and Trialuminde Nucleation in Al-Er and Al-YbAlloys,Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 590 (2014) 526-534

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l K.Y. Gao, F. Speck, K.V. Emtsev, Th. Seyller, L. Ley, Thermal Stability of Surface and Interface of Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3 on H-terminated Silicon, Journal of Applied Physics, 102, 094503 (2007).

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Personal Statement

Gao Kunyuan, professor and doctoral supervisor, is working in Beijing University of Technology. She has presided several projects, including two from National Natural Science Foundation of China and two from Beijing Natural Science Foundation, etc. She is mainly engaged in basic research on new composite micro-alloyed aluminum alloy materials and practical research on corrosion-resistant reinforced industrial aluminum alloy materials. At the same time, she is engaged in basic research of metal cladding composites, with emphasis on the control and optimization of interface properties. So far she has published more than sixty articles in academic journals, including SCRIPTA Materials, J. Alloys and compounds, Materials Science and Engineering A, Materials Characterization, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, etc. The citation times have exceeded 900.