Fan Ailing


Personal Profile


Name:Fan Ailing






Current Professional Societies

1. Reviewer of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

2. Member of American Society for Materials Research

3. Member of the Chinese Society for Metals

Research Areas

1. Metal-based composite functional material for extreme conditions

2. Novel compositenano-materialsfor electrochemical energyconversion and storage

3. Surface engineering technology


1. Visiting scholar of China Scholarship Council at Northwest university in American, 2018-2019.

2. Visiting scholar of China Scholarship Council at Nippon Steel Corporation in Japan, 2002.



1. Ailing Fan; Yingkun Xue; Weitian Li; Suijie Chang; Design of coating on helix for high-power travelling wave tube, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2016, 44(12): 3471-3473.

2. Fan Xiujun; Ye Ruquan; Peng Zhiwei; Wang Juanjuan; Fan Ailing; Guo Xia; The synthesis of size-controlled 3C-SiC nanoflakes and their photoluminescent properties , Nanotechnology, 2016, 27(25): 0-255604.

3. Fan Xiujun; Liu Yuanyue; Chen Shuai; Shi Jianjian; Wang Juanjuan; Fan Ailing; Zan Wenyan; Li Sidian; Goddard William A ; Zhang XianMing; Defect-enriched iron fluoride-oxide nanoporous thin films bifunctional catalyst for water splitting, Nature Communications, 2018, 9(1): 0-1809.

4. Fan Ailing; Chang Suijie; Xue Yingkun; Ma Jie; Effect of Transition Layer on the Quality of Non-Cyanide Electrodeposited Gold Film on Tungsten Helix, Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2015, 3(44): 612-616.

Personal Statement

Fan Ailing, professor and doctoral supervisor, is the member of state key laboratory of the ministry of education of Beijing University of Technology. She has engaged in teaching for 25 years. She has presided or participated in ten National Natural Science Foundation of China projects and three National Science and Technology support Programs. She has published more than sixty SCI papers on international or national major journals. She has obtained 30 national invention patents. Her research results have been applied to the national major projects.